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PCB Concrete and Soil Remediation in Kanawha County, West Virginia



During a comprehensive site characterization, PCBs were detected in soil, concrete and sediment at nine (9) different units at this large multi-acre facility. Based on PCB Mega-Rule requirements, three (3) areas were determined to be low occupancy and six (6) areas were determined to be high occupancy. Appropriate clean-up standards for each area were therefore applied.

Project Work:


Concrete Scabbling

During the project, AGES Energy staff also oversaw the clean-up of over 17,000 square feet of PCB-affected concrete flooring. Concrete was scarified to an average depth of ½ inch with both remote-controlled and manual dustless concrete scabbling system. Portions of the flooring were also removed with a jackhammer when scabbling was ineffective. As with the soil excavation work, immunoassay test kits were used in the field and laboratory samples were collected to confirm that action levels had been achieved. A total of twenty (20), 55-gallon drums of concrete dust and nine (9) supersacks of debris were generated during the field work.

Soil Excavation

A total of 600 cubic yards of PCB-affected soil (including 65 cubic yards of TSCA soil) were excavated with a rubber-tire backhoe from three (3) areas of the site. Laboratory samples were collected to confirm that applicable action levels had been achieved. During the soil excavation, AGES Energy staff used immunoassay test kits to screen samples in the field and successfully delineate the extent of PCBs in the soil and segregate waste (TSCA versus non-TSCA). This resulted in rapid completion of field work with no re-mobilizations. It also helped to reduce the volume of TSCA waste shipped off-site.

All field work was completed on schedule and within the approved project budget. 

Special Features:

  • By using immunoassay testing kits to field screen soils, the volume of excavated soil was limited, which significantly reduced waste disposal costs.
  • Use of the immunoassay testing kits also allowed for the soil excavation to be completed during one (1) mobilization, which fixed project mobilization costs and allowed for adherence to a tight project schedule.


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